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Corporate Law


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Judicial Procedures

Civil Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Administrative Litigation

Appellate Litigation

Criminal Matters (Property Crimes)

Voluntary jurisdiction proceedings

Alternative Dispute Resolutions





Corporate Law


Articles of incorporation

Updating and maintaining corporate books and records.

Agreements between shareholders

Mergers, transformations, acquisitions, and spin-offs

Due diligence

Annual maintenance


Transfer of real estate and personal property

Leasing of real estate and personal property

Raising Capital and Financing Transactions

Real Estate Development & Construction

Representation of athletes, artists, and other public figures (including influencers and social media figures)

Confidentiality and non-compete agreements

Other complex and specialized contracts

Intelectual Property

Trademark Registration



Intellectual Property Licenses


Foreign Investment


Quarterly update notices

Annual financial reports


Data Protection

Use and transmission of personal data

Privacy policies

ARCO Rights

Property Law

Trusts under Mexican Law and Regulations

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Administrative Trusts

Business Trusts

Guaranty Trusts

Estate Trusts

Investment Trusts

Public Trusts

Real Estate Development and Construction Companies

Legal and Financial Strategies in Real Estate Acquisition and Development

Due diligence in real estate

Real estate development procedures

Land regularization

Legal matters related to construction

Social security

Tax Law and Accounting


Monthly and annual tax returns

Tax optimization

Federal and State Taxes

Social Security (IMSS, INFONAVIT)

Tax refunds

Elaboration of accounting and legal reports




Payroll management


Tax Litigation

Due diligence

Nullity Proceedings

Administrative appeals

Appeals on the grounds of unconstitutionality

Legal defense and audit related services

Criminal Litigation

Judicial Proceedings

(Victims or Accused)

General Legal Representation

Investigation before the Department of Public Prosecution

Criminal Oral Trial

Amparo Trial

Labor Law

Judicial Proceedings

Employment law trials / cases

Amparo trials

Incidental procedures

Extrajudicial Procedures

Termination of employment contracts

Hearings at Conciliation Center

Citations at Office of Labor Defense


Assistance with documents and forms required by law

Planning and assistance with personnel transfer

Consultancy and elaboration of internal labor regulations

Employment law due diligences

Assistance and representation for trials and hearings

Collective Labor

Assistance for the signing, acquirement, and negotiation of collective labor agreements

Legal Services in the United States of America

Legal Services

Articles of incorporation

Updating and maintaining corporate records and books

Federal trademark registration

Contract Development and Review

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