Pro Bono

Treviño Mendoza is comprised of a team of lawyers who understand and believe in the importance of assuming the responsibility of providing legal services for the benefit of the general public. In addition, we assume the commitment that we must provide and promote to the community as lawyers, through the practice of our profession, the protection of human rights and access to justice in order to achieve a fair legal system.

For this reason, Treviño Mendoza, within the multiple services it offers, uses the variety of areas within the firm to provide free legal services for the benefit of people who are at a social or economic disadvantage, offering them a fair business environment, defending their rights, and protecting their interests in the best possible way. It is important to mention that for Treviño Mendoza this represents a symbol of integrity, ethics, and social responsibility, always placing this as a goal to be fulfilled for each of the lawyers that make up this firm.

Since 2021 Treviño Mendoza has been part of Appleseed and its Pro Bono Mexico® Network, in order to provide free legal services without the expectation of receiving any economic retribution, only seeking the common good with the same ethical quality, efficiency, attention and commitment as any other matter, as long as they benefit through legal advice or judicial representation. Such services are provided to any of the following:

  • Persons or groups of persons with low income or in vulnerable conditions;
  • Non-profit organizations that assist persons mentioned above;
  • Individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions in matters of public interest that do not have the resources to access high quality legal representation or advice and that otherwise would not obtain effective representation.
  • Entrepreneurs or companies with a social purpose.